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New Buildings / Enlargements
Interior Alterations / Renovations

Let me help you create a space that truly reflects who you are. Let us play with light and color to enhance your style as reflected in the physical environment. Interior design is about the details, without them boredom will be pervasive. Everything from the trimming on the lampshade, the patterns on the woolen rug, the size of the ceiling moldings, all these little details that are painstakingly considered help achieve a remarkable home that is uniquely yours.

503 E 13th bedroom.jpg
ECB/DOB Violation

Did you receive summonses from the Department of Buildings for some kind of violations? These violations are usually infractions of the city's building and/or zoning code regulations and I can help you resolve them.

I can attend the required administrative court hearing to present your position and file required alteration application(s) at DOB to remove the violation. Do not ignore the summonses as more violations can be issued for aggravated violating conditions.


Do you know that to build a new structure or even just to enlarge an existing one, a zoning analysis needs to be done? A zoning analysis will determine how much floor  area you can build on your lot depending on which zoning district your property is in. You surely do not want to exceed the floor area limits, otherwise, you will have to take it down. I can help you prepare the zoning analysis on top of the usual architectural plans and design.

341 E 87th Roofdeck.jpg
Roof Deck Design & Installation

Demand for passive recreation space is at a premium in the city and a roof deck can meet this demand. This extra amenity will provide extra room to entertain your friends, maybe a summer BBQ, and will surely increase the value of your property. I work closely with a trusted general contractor who can make it all happen for you!

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